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Founded by Meredith Christine and Michael Murphy, Fool’s Gold set out to challenge the current jewelry and fashion industries. Using alternative materials to the standard diamonds, gemstones and gold, and working closely with suppliers to ensure sustainable and ethical sourcing, they’ve developed a modern line of jewelry that exists in harmony with both people and the planet.

Meredith derives inspiration from her background in architecture, her experiences traveling, and the serenity she finds in nature. Her work interprets the rich natural and cultural environments she encounters into a singular aesthetic: a rawness balanced with elements of art, architecture and design.

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Made for those seeking to live an inspired and intentional life, Gold Standard is an informative online space centered on creativity, sustainability and fashion. Gold Standard is the media arm of Fool’s Gold. We strive to serve up constant inspirational content, encouragement and advice through the lens of sustainability. We’re constantly inspired by women who are challenging the norms of fashion, beauty, art and design. Here you’ll find us connecting with the best of the best to give our readers the low down on each and every topic.

Meredith founded Gold Standard to share tips on how to live a full life of balance and success as a creative entrepreneur. An advocate of women in fashion, art and design, her focus is on connecting with other creatives to share their brands, journeys and stories. Like her work with her personal brands, Gold Standard focuses on quality products that were created ethically and sustainably.

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